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Forester All TrimsInvoice minus $500.00
Notes to Dealer Pricing
  • Updated 8-12-10

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Pricing is from local dealerships offering special values to Sam's Club Members. Pricing is subject to change due to availability and competitiveness in your area. Auto Buying Program for Sam's Club Members does not warrant, guarantee or make any other representations with respect to the vehicle, dealer service or other performance.
The vehicle prices for the Auto Buying Program for Sam's Club Members have been provided by the dealer and are subject to change without notice. We attempt to keep these prices current and exercise diligence in providing them through the website. However, we cannot guarantee that the listed prices are in effect at the time of your inquiry or that typographical errors have not been made. Please verify the price with the Auto Buying Program for Sam's Club Members contact person at the dealership prior to purchase.
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